Update (Nov 13th) – As anticipated, the playstructure has now been removed. This is the year to make it happen. If you want to help out, or know of a local business who might like to sponsor the project, please contact us – knoxdaleplayground@gmail.com

UPCOMING EVENT – Tuesday November, 28th – Restaurant Night at Fitz’s Classic Grill
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The play-structure at the front of the school is nearing it’s end of life and will soon be removed. This, along with the removal of a number of trees due to Emerald Ash Borer means the play yard needs revitalization.

We need support from the community of students, parents and their families, staff, alumni, and our friends in the surrounding neighborhoods to make this project a success.

We are working to implement a plan that will create a safe, fun, inclusive, accessible, engaging and inspiring outdoor environment that will keep those little minds, bodies and smiles going… and we need your help!