PROJECT UPDATE – April 19th, 2019
Exciting progress to report. Lots of behind the scenes work has been done by the committee over the winter and we can now share with you that the OCDSB design and construction team has put the tender out to builders. We are now waiting to hear back and will keep you posted! 
Click the link below to see a summary of the design that has been put to tender.

Previous Update – February 2019
Last year, the play-structure at the front of the school (Kindergarten to Grade 2 yard) reached the end of its life and was removed by the OCDSB for safety reasons.
Four years ago, in anticipation of this eventuality, the KCSC struck a subcommittee to work on the fundraising, consultation and design of both a replacement structure and renewed yard. Thanks to the overwhelming support of the Knoxdale community and through grants from the City of Ottawa and the OCDSB, the committee successfully reached its fundraising goal of $100,000.
The tornado this past September took down a number of mature trees on the front and side yards of the school. This allowed some modifications to be made to the plan in order to better utilize the available space and allow for the re-planting of new trees. The committee has continued working with the OCDSB Facilities department as well as representatives from the City Of Ottawa to update the design. 
We continue to work towards construction of the new playground occurring during the summer of 2019 and for the new playground to be ready to welcome students in September 2019.
Any questions can be sent to
Sincerely, Eagle’s Nest Playground Project Committee

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The play-structure at the front of the school is nearing it’s end of life and will soon be removed. This, along with the removal of a number of trees due to Emerald Ash Borer means the play yard needs revitalization.

We need support from the community of students, parents and their families, staff, alumni, and our friends in the surrounding neighborhoods to make this project a success.

We are working to implement a plan that will create a safe, fun, inclusive, accessible, engaging and inspiring outdoor environment that will keep those little minds, bodies and smiles going… and we need your help!